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Your Home in Oren

Kerem Apart Ören is at your service to assist you in all matters with our completely renovated, spacious and convenient apartments.

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Our apartment consists of 8 flats, 1+0 (studio) and 1+1. Air conditioning, kitchen, all kitchen utensils, hair dryer, slippers, towels, washing machine, kettle, teapot, stove, etc. in all our apartments. All necessities are standard.



Our apartment is 350 meters from the sea, 5 minutes walking distance. Opposite it, there is a pide shop, A101, a patisserie downstairs, and BİM next to it. It is at the very central point where markets and shopping places are. When you go to the beach, you reach the most preferred central point.

Ören is located in the middle of Gökova Bay, at the starting point of the blue cruise. It has won the appreciation of all holiday lovers with its clean sea and wide beach line. 

In terms of transportation, it is 40km from Milas, 55km from the Airport, 65km from Bodrum, 45km from Akyaka, 15km from Çökertme, 30km from Mazı, 25km from Akbük, and 50km from Muğla.

All minibuses coming from here pass right in front of our apartment.

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What to do in Oren

There are activities such as paragliding, boat tour and water sports in Ören. Apart from that, delicious and fresh fish  There are fish restaurants, live music venues, cafes and restaurants. Special discounts are offered to our customers at many points.

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